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Domino Preamplifier

Domino Preamplifier

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The Grandinote Domino goes even further the Proemio preamplifier thanks to an oversized power stage and an higher bias current.

All this moves the time constants of the circuit, even further out of the audio range, extending the frequency response and increasing control, articulation and detail.

Still thanks to the Magnetosolid® concept you can enjoy a natural and sweet sound, but also tight, energetic and dynamic.
Domino output stages can drive every power amplifier, obtaining from them the best sound, in every situations.

- Linea pleamplifier
- Three unbalanced inputs RCA
- Three balanced inputs XLR (full-balanced)
- Balanced inputs XLR unbalanced convertibles
- One unbalanced output RCA
- One balanced output XLR (full-balanced)
- Frequency response 1,3Hz - 400 kHz
- Gain = 10 dB
- Class "A"
- No feedback
- Direct coupling stages: no capacitor used
- Full-dualmono
- Absorption 30W
- Weight 16kg
- W=318 x H=196 x L=408 [mm]
- Grandinote's warranty of 5 years

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