Mach 9 Loudspeakers Reviews

Mach 9 Loudspeakers Reviews

Highstyle Grandinote Mach 9 review loudspeakers

"The phenomenal sphere of sound surrounded us
like a merry ocean on a hot day.
The ocean of extraordinary clarity and splendor."
"a sound not unlike what produce electrostats,
but with incomparable higher dynamics."
"La Grande Bellezza. Just one great splendor!"

HIGH & STYLE - Andrej Turok - 12/2018

Stereophile Grandinote Mach 9 review loudspeakers

"...few were as musical or emotionally
powerful as this one."
"quality was exquisite-musical,
emotionally powerful, and sneakily dynamic,
without apparent flaw"

STEREOPHILE - Art Dudley - 05/2018

Stereophile Grandinote Volta Review DAC Streamer

"My journalistic objectivity be darned!
The Goerner Audio/Grandinote room produced
the sort of sound that melts my heart, ravishes my senses,
and reminds me of why great hi-fi is worth the money."
"But I think what surprised me most
was the fact there wasn't a single tube..."

STEREOPHILE - Robert Schryer - 10/2019

Stereo Times Grandinote Mach9 review loudspeakers

"by all accounts the sound was stellar
as to be expected already knowing
how good this Italian brand performs."
"Sounds too good to be true until you
hear these products for oneself. "

STEREOTIMES - Clement Perry - 05/2018



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