Genesi Preamplifier Reviews

Genesi Preamplifier Reviews

Mono & Stereo Grandinote Genesi reviews preamplifier

"Genesi encapsulates Max love for music, life
and high-end audio in the best possible way."
"Genesi remarkable ability to maintain the signal pureness
while responding to single quark like cues and nods..."
"This is why I'm wholeheartedly giving out the
Mono&Stereomost Highly Recommended Product Award!"

MONO&STEREO - Matej Isak - 05/2019

 Mono & Stereo Grandinote Genesi review preamplifier

"The very first reaction with few of the well know track was an exuberant "mamma mia" :). Genesi instantly cut throughout the layers of sound and on top of it managed to reveal a thing or two, that I was not really ready to for!"

MONO&STEREO - Matej Isak - 06/2017


HIFI STATEMENT Grandinote Genesi Review


"Grandinote Genesi is the best
pre-amp that I have listened" ...
... "He plays in a itself category
besides the Champions League."

HIFI STATEMENT - Peter Banholzer - 07/2017

Mono & Stereo Grandinote Genesi Review

"Grandinote Genesi is quite a different beast
where sound is never
lackadaisical, corrupt or augmented." ...
... "Genesi follows the path of purity
and simplicity in the signal amplification."

MONO&STEREO - Matej Isak - 06/2017

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