Celio Prephono Reviews

Celio Prephono Reviews

[REVIEW] LP Magazine Celio

"Grandinote CELIO:
Product of the Year 2021"

LP Magazine - 2021

HIFIBLE Grandinote Celio Review

"It is capable of giving life
to the reproduction of music.
Very few hifi products of any price
are capable or were capable of doing it."

HIFIBLE - 09/2017 

HiFi Voice Grandinote Celio Review

"so special and so different
we just sit with beating heart
and open mouth,
excited and almost crying in excitement."

HIFI VOICE - Daniel Březina - 08/2017

[REVIEW] Audio_DE Grandinote Shinai Celio Audio

"Charmante Süffigkeit, ultra-stabiler Druck bis in tiefste Bassregionen"

AUDIO.DE 08/2016

Son & Image Grandinote Celio review prephono

"That’s really what distinguishes
Grandinote devices and puts them
in a category of their own that is
quite different from anything else
in the high-fidelity market."

SON & IMAGE - Michel Bérard - 01/2018

HiFi Knights Grandinote Celio Review

"It made me forget I was listening

“only” to the re-production
of the live performance.
It simply felt real,
it felt true."

Hi Fi Knights - Marek Dyba - 11/2016

hifi.ru review Grandinote Celio prephono

"The phono stage Grandinote Celio is an
outstanding device in every sense.
Unmatched circuitry, excellent workmanship
and assembly and, of course, luxurious sound.
True High End."

HI-FI.RU - Анатолий Максименко - 08/2019

Strereopluss Grandinote Celio Review

"Grandinote Celio is a sonically brilliant phonostage
that provides an incredibly airy
and magnificent reproduction of music"
"distinctly neutral, but with good dynamics
and compelling bass."

STEREOPLUSS - Roy Ervin Solstad - 04/2016


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