Grandinote show at AudioSource

Grandinote show at AudioSource

Wonderful days at AudioSource for a demonstration show. We are working hard to let more people know our products and the joy on their faces and the eagerness to keep listening to our electronics one track after another continues to prove to us that we are producing truly unique products at a price that is absolutely advantageous compared to our peer competitors.

"Since I didn't spend the whole day in the listening room (and some stayed there for long hours), all I can say was that it played spectacularly. Seeing the powerful speakers inserted into a completely normal, well-adapted room, I expected sound straight out of car audio equipment shows, where sixteen subwoofers are packed into relatively small cars. Well, no. It played clean, energetically, bly, with the right trench and three-dimensional space. Whatever, but such a convincing, sharply sketched, full of fresh air stereo scene can be envied by Grandinote's flooring the best monitors at a similar price."

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